Audio-Video: Coronavirus Response KIT for the Workplace

Relief Benefits. Legal Obligations. Forward Strategy






Special offer! Only R250 

Labour Law Management Consulting is offering a useful guide for responding to the Coronavirus in your business.  This Coronavirus Response KIT for the Workplace is a user-friendly, step-by-step audio-video guide for employers and employees. We address all the essential responses that employers should implement. We’ve also made it affordable for all, as our contribution to supporting the business community during this difficult time. 

The video covers: 

  • Corona relief benefit applications for employees 
  • Implementation of the numerous Corona-related legal requirements 
  • Corona infection prevention mechanisms for the workplace and 
  • A teamwork strategy for reducing the impact of Corona on business profits and jobs.  

Concise, easy to understand, and practical – the KIT is designed to help employers, managers and employees handle the demands of the Coronavirus challenges in the best possible way.  To preview the video or place your order, click on the link below.

What can employers use the audio-visual KIT for? 

  • Train their employees          
  • Provide them with the KNOWLEDGE necessary to deal with Corona 
  • Explain how to use their INTELLIGENCE to apply this knowledge and 
  • Show them how, through TEAMWORK, staff and management can significantly reduce Corona’s damage to your business profits, jobs and salary payments. 

Pay it forward  

The employees and profits of every business are being badly affected by the Coronavirus. The more businesses help each other, the more we can help to strengthen the country’s economy on which our businesses and livelihoods depend.  

The Corona Response KIT is a valuable promotional gift that you can share with your clients and potential clients. We encourage businesses to support their associates and suppliers by gifting them with this very useful audio-video guide.  

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