Dealing with CORONA 


Frequently Asked Questions Asked by Employers

If my business cannot operate due to the Corona lockdown may I send my employees home without pay?

Yes, if you can prove that you have closed temporarily due to the lockdown and if you apply to the Department of Employment and Labour (DEL) for salary subsidy benefits for your staff. 

How do I, as an employer, find out about applying for Corona disaster related benefits from DEL to subsidise the salaries of my staff?

Phone the UIF hotline on 0800030007 or email 

If I have not registered the business and employees for UIF or if I have not paid over the UIF contributions will my employees qualify for the Corona disaster benefits?

No, such non-compliance will disqualify you. However, you will need to do a late registration with UIF in order to be compliant and avoid prosecution. 

If an employee is off work on a Corona quarantine may I dismiss him/her for this?

No, but you need to help him/her to apply to DEL for special illness benefits. 

If my employee is so sick that he she/cannot work any longer what do I do?

You need to follow the ill-health incapacity requirements outlined in item 10 of Schedule 8 to the Labour Relations Act which you can find on Google. These entail seeking ways of accommodating the employee. 

Are employers allowed to retrench employees due to business losses?

This is possible, provided that you can prove your losses and you follow the procedure required by section 189 of the Labour Relations Act geared towards seeking alternatives to retrenchment. 

Am I allowed to put my staff on short time with a pay cut?

Yes, you may do so if your business has financial difficulties and if the staff agree to the pay cut.

May I require my employees to work from home during the Corona pandemic?

Yes, the more you can do this the better but of course you will still be required to pay them.

Why are employers held responsible if their employees contract Corona at work?

Because the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) requires employers to ensure the health and safety of all their employees. 

Am I required to provide my employees with sanitisers, face masks and other protective materials and equipment?

Yes, as part of your obligation to keep them safe. 

Am I required to train my staff in Corona health and safety measures?

Yes, as part of your campaign to ensure that all staff comply with the safety requirements and do not infect each other. 

Where can I find a video that I can show to my staff that will enable me to train them on Corona safety and other measures?

Please email to enquire about obtaining our Corona response kit video at a price of R250,00 each.