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    Ivan Israelstam

    It appears that AMCU might have failed to comply with the administrative requirements necessary for trade union registration. Does this necessarily mean that AMCU is not a genuine trade union and that it should be deregistered?

    Michael Bagraim

    It is wrong to even ask the question in that fashion as clearly AMCU is a trade union, they represent their staff, their constitution is one of a trade union and they were legally registered as a trade union. They however have not adhered to the necessity to have an AGM by a particular date.

    Normally this is pointed out by the Department of Labour and a new date is negotiated.

    Michael Bagraim

    Patrick Deale

    No it does not. There should be no question whether Amcu is a genuine union. It has over 200 000 members and, as Michael says, it does all the things which you’d expect a genuine union to do. The only thing it hasn’t done is to convene its AGM within the period prescribed in its Constitution. This is an important non-compliance issue which can be corrected. But it doesn’t detract from its status as a genuine union.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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